Why are we running a sale this black friday?

As a sustainable fashion brand we are conflicted every year about running a sale at black friday. We give it a lot of thought and for the second year I have decided to go ahead and run one. I feel like I owe my customers an explaination as to why. Read on to find out.

1. I can't rob my makers a share of the black friday spend.

Black friday is the main shopping event of the year and a lot of money is being spent all over the internet. My priority as an ethical business owner is to help my makers and in order to do that I need money. If i were to avoid a sale, customers would go elsewhere and therefore I would be robbing my makers of potential profits.

  • One of our makers in Pokhara

  • Making our backpacks

2. Giving people the chance to afford sustainable fashion

Sustainable/ethical fashion is more expensive for good reason. We use better quality materials and pay workers a fair wage. however, this means it can sometimes be pricey and not accessible to everyone.

Running a sale gives people a chance to shop with us that otherwise might not be able to afford it.

3. Times are hard for small businesses

Its no secret that times are tough for everyone, everything is increasing in price and people have less disposable income. This means its hard for 'non essential' small businesses to keep afloat.

If we didnt run a sale customers would go elsewhere and we would miss out on a share of the christmas gift spend, something we can't afford to do.

4. A way of saying thanks

We appreciate the support of each and every one of you especially during these hard times in the world. This is our way of giving something back to you and saying thanks.

I hope this sale allows more people to enjoy sustainable fashion.

Thank You!

We hope you understand our decision to run a sale. Black friday impulse buying goes against our ethos, we hope you continue to make conscious choices about what/where you are buying from.

Only buy what you really need and ask yourself, "would you be buying this if it wasn't on sale?"