Hey! I'm Danielle

I'm the founder of Hemp & Hope! I am passionate about sustainability and making our planet a better place for generations to come. I started this project with a purpose - to make a difference in the fashion world and provide an alternative to harmful fast fashion.

How I started Hemp & Hope

In 2019 I took a backpacking trip around India and Nepal. We had an incredible time travelling around for 6 weeks but I had my eyes open to the damage the fast fashion industry was doing.

At the time I had an online brand natively naively drop-shipping items from China - not ethical in any way. I knew I needed to make a massive change!

  • My partner and I exploring Kathmandu

  • Taking in the views in Pokhara

Starting Out

While in Nepal I kept seeing hemp products everywhere. I began to do some research and was inspired instantly! This crop was so misunderstood but has so much potential! I met with a lot of suppliers, visited workshops and eventually bought a tiny selection of bags to send home to sell and see where it might take me...

Releasing a clothing range

The bags I bought in Nepal were a hit! People loved them and the story behind them. So a year later during lockdown, I began designing a clothing collection! We started off with a couple of basic designs in the natural beige colour as all of the dye places were closed. I'm so proud to look back and see how far my makers and I have developed and grown together.

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Designing our own bags

It was always my goal to sell our own designs, it took much longer than expected due to the pandemic but it was worth the wait! I now design all of our items myself taking inspiration from my homeland of Scotland and also Nepal which has my heart.

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Who made your clothes?

In a world of fast fashion we often feel disconnected from the items we buy. As a sustainable fashion brand it is our mission to slow fashion down and reconnect consumers to the roots of our products. Below you can learn about some of the wonderful people that make Hemp & Hope.

  • Sonu

  • Keshab & Sajina

  • Sangita

Our design process

Our sustainable clothing and backpack range is designed by our founder, Danielle in Scotland. We then work with Maria, our seamstress in Ukraine to digitally make our garments to avoid wasting samples and paper patterns. We can visualise the fit and make adjustments before sending the final patterns by email to Nepal where they are brought to life.

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What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion brands focus on mindfully creating collections in small batches to avoid overconsumption and to minimise impact on the environment. It is the alternative to 'fast fashion' as it focuses on creating timeless designs using high quality materials.