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Annapurna Hemp Roll Top Backpack - Brown

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Customer Reviews

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Lilianna Adams
Life saver!

I have to say that the Annapurna backpack has been a life saver. I take it everywhere, and am always surprised by how many things I can fit inside of it! It's perfect for weekend breaks or short trips; it has everything you need and more.

Ryan Foster
Great sustainable backpack

I love this backpack because it's so durable and I know that it came from a sustainable source. It's classic and functional, it fits my needs perfectly. And the color is great! I get compliments about this bag all the time- people are always asking me where I got it.

Adrianna Adams
Durable backpack

You can tell this backpack is so well made. The hemp makes it really strong and I can tell this will last me for years! One thing to improve may be the pockets in the side could be bigger. I dont mind though I just use them for little things. The front pocket makes up for it as I can fit a book or two in there!

Thanks so much Adrianna, Im so glad you like it! Thanks for your feedback. As a tiny business it really helps to see how we can improve in the future! Happy travels, Danielle x

Rebecca Jones
Love this backpack

I love my backpack so much. I've had it for a few months now and it has been through many, many travels. It's held up amazingly well and I haven't noticed any wear and tear at all. Also, it's sustainable which makes me feel better about the environment. 10/10 would buy again!

jack Orsi
Great Product!

I can not believe my luck in finding this beautiful backpack. It is absolutely perfect for all of my needs and more. The build is durable, the colour is stunning, and the inside is large enough that I can store all of my things without any problem at all. This has been a risk-free purchase, as it has everything I need from a backpack!