Collection: Tote Bags

  • 4X Stronger than cotton

    Hemp has some of the longest and strongest natural fibersin the world! It even gets stronger after every wash!

  • No harmful chemicals

    Hemp requires no herbicides or pesticides. Hemp grows super densely, with thick stems that prevents other plants from growing and deters pests. 

  • Gives back to the land

    Hemp helps to aerate the soil, which means that it is still usable for other crops. The best part? Hemp also returns 60-70% of the nutrients it takes back into the soil!

  • Traps Co2

    Hemp carbon captures during photosynthesis. Hemp can trap 1.63 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of hemp harvested! This is four times that of most trees. 

Bags that are kind to the planet.

Every product we buy has an impact on the planet, we have to make conscious choices to buy items that are kind to the planet. Our bags are ethically made from sustainable materials so you can have peace of mind.

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