How Living Sustainably Can Save You Money

How Living Sustainably Can Save You Money

how living sustainably can save you money - eco friendly livingIn this article, we are telling you about how living sustainably can save you money. Many people see living sustainably as an expensive lifestyle change that will advantage both the environment and their wallets. Indeed, being more eco-friendly can be more expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

People are starting to come around to the idea that we need to become more sustainable to protect the world for future generations. Everything you do in your everyday life has an impact on the earth, from the dress you wear to the car you drive.

This doesn't mean you should only expensive dresses and starts riding a bike everywhere. So, you "Buy less and choose well" try to wear sustainable clothes and only drive when necessary.

In this post, I will talk about ways how you can save money by living sustainably. Continue reading to find out more!

lifestyle changes that can save you money

Buy Less and Choose Well

Our purchase power includes a vast impact. We have got the selection to purchase, or not. Obviously, the most sustainable choice is to not purchase.

Before buying make sure the thing you are purchasing is something you actually need such as food, clothes, or if the item will bring you happiness for many years to come. Questioning your own buying power reduces the number of impulse buys. In the long run, you are more likely to save money and buy less.


Repairing your Things

Repairing broken things is one of the best things you can do to help the environment and save your money. There are so many items you can avoid buying by reusing something you already have.

 Every time you repair or stitch old clothes, broken appliances, or old toys, you are saving money that adds up to an outstanding amount over time.

sustainable living tips- repair your things


Wear sustainable clothing

To reduce the impact this industry has on the world, you could purchase more of your clothes from sustainable clothing outlets.

Sustainable clothing is commonly created through sustainable clothing manufacturers whose primary task is to provide fashionable and comfortable clothing without sacrificing the environment in doing so. Sustainable Clothing reduces the world's Water Pollution, Carbon Emissions, a large number of waste clothes and saves your money.


Growing your own food

By growing your own food fruit and vegetables, you'll make sure you don't seem to be using biopesticide that may contribute to water and air pollution.

This will also help to reduce the number of fossil fuels used to transport turn out to supermarkets. once growing your own food, your diet is a lot of healthy, packed with vitamins, and minerals. Growing your own produce can save so much money.


grow your own food - sustainable living tips


sustainable swaps that will save money

There are endless alternatives for single-use items! When you add up the cost of single-use items over time, it is hands down cheaper to invest in a reusable alternative. For example:

Sanitary products -
Average single use yearly cost = £130
Reusable investment = £17

We have an entire blog post on sustainable swaps which you can find here. 

Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable things are more of direct investment, however, in the long run, they're always cheaper than purchasing disposable bottles over and over again.

This is another way that seems so easy and clear that it is hard to believe everyone hasn't done it already buy a reusable water bottle, fill it up with tap water, and stop using plastic water bottles because it costs more.

Stop spending money on plastic water bottles, and just buy one reusable one that you can fill with tap water. Using reusable water bottles will save money and help the world.

Water Bottles -
Average single use yearly cost = £198
Reusable investment = £15 


 Use Your Own Coffee Cup

The disposable coffee cups are convenient, but bringing your own reusable coffee cup will reduce unnecessary waste. Disposable paper coffee cups don’t typically get recycled properly.

If you buy your coffee every day from a coffee shop, you should try to buy a reusable coffee/teacup. Reusable coffee cups can be used again and again, reducing garbage and helping keep the environment cleaner, and also helping save your money.

reusable coffee cup - saving money by living sustainably.jpg 

Use Cloth Diapers for Your Baby

Used cloth diapers are the best option if you would like to save money on diapering. Cut down on the waste society creates by re-using fabric diapers for your baby. It will be a large drop in priprice from plastic diapers and it'll also mean less garbage filling up landfills.

Many parents select cloth diapers because of concerns about sustainability, money, or the environment. Sustainability is both money and environmental. Any good cloth diaper that's cared for well can be reused on a second or third child.

eco friendly household tips for saving money Line Dry your clothes

Line drying your clothes will save on electricity. You probably already use the most effective detergent to wash your clothes, and as such, you would like your drying process to be equally eco-friendly.

Line drying your clothes is much cheaper than buying clothes dryer. Ditch the dryer and you can save at least $80 to $120 off your electricity bill every year. Line-drying your clothes mean that a bit of extra time in the sunlight and a little extra time in the wind whenever you are doing laundry.

line dry your clothes - eco friendly tips.jpg


Save Water

You can save water in and around your house by making a number of small changes. Try to install a water tap and use gray water to avoid wasting drinking water. It's a pretty easy way to save money, but by taking steps to save water every day, you lower your water bill.


Use Energy Saver Bulbs

You can instantly create your home a lot eco-friendly by changing out all of your light bulbs for energy-efficient options.

By using less energy, you'll be able to help to reduce carbon emissions.

There is a variety of ways you can save energy at home, together with switching off standby appliances, installing LED lights, turning your heating down, and hanging clothes to dry rather than using a drier.

energy saving lightbulbs - eco tips.jpg


Don't use the Dishwasher

If you have a small range of plates, try to do wash them by hand rather than using the dishwasher. You will save money, water, and electricity to maintain sustainability, which is a fair tradeoff for the extra attempt you’ll be putting down

Dishwashers may not be necessary for single-person households. You can not decide which detergent you want to use for washing dishes. Dishwashers may be rather harmful to our environment.




In this article, we told you about how living sustainably can save you money. So, we conclude that you can sustain and save money by growing your own food, using reusable water bottles, buying less and choosing well, line drying your clothes, wearing sustainable clothing, and using energy saver bulbs.






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