Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

Nothing captures the spirit of the holiday season more than gift-giving. But for environmentally-conscious shoppers, the gift-giving traditions can be stressful. 

But don’t worry, you can still practice eco-friendly shopping around the holiday season. 

Hidden behind flashy promotions from big-name brands is a treasure trove of eco-friendly products. Indeed, the increase in eco-friendly brands over the past few years means that there is at least one eco-friendly alternative for everything! 

That’s a good thing, too. As it turns out, an increasing number of people are aiming for more sustainable shopping each year. Not only that, they are more willing than ever to actually spend more on a certified sustainable product if they have to. 

Hence, there really isn’t a better time to hop aboard the eco-friendly movement than right now. Here are some ideas for this holiday season. 


Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

These Christmas gift ideas are the perfect balance between eco-friendly, unique, and actually useful.


hemp bags - sustainable brand - gift guide

 Hemp Bags From Hemp & Hope

  • Price - £14.99 - £47.99

We might be a little biased but our sustainable hemp backpacks are the perfect Christmas gift! They can be used by anyone and loved all year round!

Know someone at University or School? These bags are perfect! We have a range of sizes to suit any occasion!

Hemp is one of the most sustainable and durable materials on the planet, it is a gift that will be loved and enjoyed for many years! Shop here:



eco friendly gift guide the kindred folk candles

The Kindred Folk Sustainable Candles

  • Price: £14.00

Candles are a classic gift, holiday season or not. However, traditional paraffin candles are not only detrimental to the environment but also to your health. 

Luckily, there is such a thing as sustainable candles. Inspired heavily by nature, the Kindred Folk produces eco-friendly candles made from sustainable ingredients: rapeseed and coconut wax. 

Moreover, these candles use natural cotton and linen wicks and contain no parabens. 

The candles come in a variety of unique scents, including: 



eco friendly gifts plastic free gardening

Plastic-Free Gardening Kits

  • Price: £28.00

Gardening is the perfect way to reconcile with nature. But you kind of offset your efforts by using unsustainable gardening tools. 

Think about it: how much waste do you actually generate while gardening? It may not be glaringly obvious at first, but the number of old grow trays, fertilizer bags, plastic pots, etc., do build up over time. 

If you or your loved one enjoys gardening, try investing in this plastic-free gardening kit by Good Roots Barn. The gift box includes some eco-friendly gardening essentials for beginners and experts alike. 

For example, these plant pots are made of bamboo, which is more durable and compostable than plastic. Similarly, the coco peat brick is 100% biodegradable.




 sustainable fashion gift guide

Sustainable Bathroom Kit

  • Price: £17.00+

If there is one category of products for which everyone has trouble finding sustainable alternatives, it’s self-grooming products. 

However, this eco-friendly bathroom gift box includes all the essentials. From handmade soap to soluble toothpaste capsules, everything in this gift box is waste-free and eco-friendly. 

The main attraction, of course, is the bamboo products: bamboo cotton buds, toothbrush, makeup remover pads, charcoal dental floss, etc. 

What’s more, this packing-friendly gift is perfect for the avid traveler. 





zero waste spa kit sustainable gifts

Zero Waste Self Care Bundle

  • Price: £20.00

Self-care doesn’t mean you have to stop caring about the environment. Unfortunately, most modern self-care practices are a little indulgent, to say the least. 

But if you want to be your least excessive self this holiday season, why not try this zero-waste care package?

You can still pamper yourself with this humble care package. However, this time, you won’t be doing it at the expense of the environment. The gift package includes: 

  • Organic hemp cotton makeup remover
  • Organic hemp cotton soap saver
  • Handmade body loofah
  • Calendula and Epsom salts





christmas spa hamper eco friendly

Christmas Spa Self Care Hamper

  • Price: £19.80

If you’re after something a little more on-the-nose, this Christmas-themed spa self-care hamper is the perfect gift. 

Not only is this entire care package eco-friendly and zero-waste, but the products themselves have a Christmas theme. Red, green, and cream colors define the Christmas-y color palette of this package. 

This ultimate care package includes charming crochet accessories alongside soaps and candles. Other items include: 

  • Four scrubbies
  • Mini dried flower bouquet 
  • Scented toy tealight
  • Soy wax wardrobe decoration tablet 





eco friendly gift guide - plantable notebook

Plantable Notebook

  • Price:£17.99

Paper comes from trees— a lot of trees! Indeed, the paper industry is responsible for a lot of global deforestation and environmental degradation. 

Fortunately, we do have sustainable alternatives for paper. But these plantable notebooks go a step further. 

Firstly, these notebooks are made from post-consumer (recycled) materials, so they don’t contribute to global deforestation. Secondly, each paper itself is embedded with seeds. 

Once you’re done using the notebook, you can plant the pages in a pot and return the pages from where they came from. 



How to Avoid Over-shopping This Holiday Season

Flash sales, discount promotions, and huge giveaways can sway even the most disciplined shopper. 

Before you know it, you’ve surpassed your spending limit and given in to consumer culture. 

To avoid buying more things during this holiday season, try the following: 

  • Support small-scale local businesses. There is just something about locally-owned businesses that keeps you humble and grounded in your budget. You’ll get high-quality products for a considerably lower price. As a bonus, you’ll be boosting your community’s eco-friendly businesses. 
  • Always research before you make a purchase. Thorough research is the only way you can determine if the product you want to buy fits your values and ethics. At the same time, taking the time to research lets you think over whether you actually need the product or not. 
  • Hand-make your gifts. The only way you can truly have 100% eco-friendly products is by making them from scratch. This allows you to ensure that the ingredients, as well as the process, do not harm the environment. Plus, handmade gifts are definitely more personal and thoughtful. 



Somewhere along the line, the holiday season became too much about overindulge. But the true spirit of this season is that of modesty, humbleness, and gratitude. 

Sticking to your green principles can be challenging during Christmas, but it’s not impossible. 

On the contrary, it is now easier than ever to practice green consumption because of the recent increase in eco-friendly brands. From eco-friendly candles to plantable notebooks, there really is no shortage of unique eco-friendly gift options. 

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