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Maryland’s First Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opened July 5

Those who live in states with long-standing medical marijuana laws and many options for treatment can have a hard time “getting” what people go through who live in states where laws have recently been passed, or the states with no legal medical marijuana, much less recreational.

Maryland’s first legally-operating dispensary just opened. The Wellness Institute of Maryland has a very professional appearance and is ready to help patients … with one exception. They have no medical cannabis ready to sell. Owner Michael Kline says that patients will begin to receive prescription marijuana after Labor Day.

The Wellness Institute in Frederick, MD is the first medical marijuana provider to legally open in the state.
Wellness Institute in Frederick, MD waiting area

The Institute is located in Frederick, MD.

Nearly 300 physicians have signed up to refer patients to Maryland’s medical marijuana program. You can download a list of doctors here (an online upload/download service). Your first step in receiving medical marijuana in Maryland is to sign up on the state commission’s website. [Your browser or phone may show you a security warning if visiting direct – go to the first state web page regarding the program, then click on the sign-up link].

You should then talk with your primary care physician about whether or not medical cannabis can help relieve your symptoms. If they are not part of the state referral network, they should be able to provide a referral for you to consult with a physician who is. The Wellness Institute can also help you in this process.

If you live in Maryland and have been paying attention to the news, medical marijuana has had a long, slow, rocky road to getting started. The medical marijuana ID card costs $50 and the state’s own website says “medical cannabis is currently not available in the state of Maryland.”

Only the Wellness Institute made it through Maryland’s complete approval process out of more than 100 potential medical marijuana dispensaries. Legal challenges related to diversity of applicants and licenses are currently in the state court system. The state’s system doesn’t seem like it’s a 100% vertical grow-refine-prescribe-dispense process like Minnesota, but it still seems complex and bureaucratic. Even Wellness Institute doesn’t yet have medical cannabis available for patients.