About Hemp + Hope

Hemp + Hope is a Southern California-based publisher offering news about medical marijuana and potential health benefits.

We are not medical professionals. No information on this website has been created by a physician or medical professional.

We do have a background in journalism and all information is fact-checked through at least two sources. We always link to the most reliable, authoritative source and will link directly to medical studies or legal information provided by state agencies or other government organizations.

Our mission is to provide hope for people who have health concerns and are interested to find out if medical marijuana or cannabis products can help.

We also want to alleviate fear. Many people are interested in trying medical marijuana or cannabis (CBD) and are afraid it will make them too high, won’t work or help, or could cause legal problems. Or, they know they might be helped by it, but don’t know how to navigate the complicated legal and medical steps needed to be able to use medical marijuana, CBD or other related products safely and legally. We want to answer those questions quickly and in plain English. We think medical marijuana (MMJ) or CBD or other new hemp compounds can help a lot of people, especially those who are 50+, or who have chronic health conditions, disabilities (differing abilities) or mental health challenges.

There is a lot of misinformation and disinformation out there. We think cannabis will eventually be legal for any type of use throughout the United States.

But right now, it isn’t.


If we work for health, toward health, in a healthy way, there is hope for everyone who can benefit from medical cannabis used in a safe and beneficial way.

-Hope Hemp